We have purchased a Tartan 27, Hull #136, and  will chronicle her restoration and subsequent adventures.  After a career restoring custom yachts we look forward to a simple “vintage” restoration on a classic yacht of our own.  It will take many months and probably years as we work in our spare time.  Because small business owners and parents have so much of that.  We hope you enjoy seeing our progress.


Humble Beginnings 

Well this post shows why I am planning a 2 year refit.  Finally spent my first full day just cleaning. Time is in short supply. A recent quick trip to the Bahamas  (by plane) has reminded me why I want this girl in the water.

Ready to go

Cadillac and Zebe were ready with the Cono-lift and the day was almost done.        Just a three our drive and we are done.  And pizza, kinda missed lunch but had a great pizza on the way out of town.

From Adversity..

We slipped down tbe creek with little effort. And then…silence. We quickly determined that the ignition system had lost its spark. Coil or condenser, didn’t really matter.  I was planning on putting electronic ignition on the A4 any way, but with a stump rig all we could do was anchor and wait for Boat US …


I grew up sailing in Michigan and wanted to work on boats. My grand father owned a Rhodes Bounty and my father and his brothers grew up racing and cruising her on the Great Lakes.  After 3 decades on the water, the original DAMSEL was sold just before I was born .  DAMSEL loomed large over my child hood and during collage I summered in Jamestown Rhode Island and discovered the professional side of yachting.  My first Job was on the Alden schooner Malabar X and that led to a long career running, repairing, and restoring sail and power boats.  A great deal of travel has just barely taken the edge off my wander lust.  I love having our home in Stuart Fl.  That is where my heart is.  But we want to explore the islands around us and our sweet Compac 19 DAMSEL IV is not quite as roomy as we would like.