Slow walk, New plan

The good news is we had a busy year.

The bad news is that when you work 6 days a week on customer boats you don’t work on your own.

So The plan is whenever posible Friday’s are reserved for Damsel.

The last few Fridays have been productive in further cleaning. Putting parts in storage and just getting things off the boat and out of the way. I found I was spending half my time moving things around so Icould clean under them.

And yesterday I got the air conditioning working. I have a free standing unit. Low voltage was an issue. I ran a 220 volt 6 gauge cord out to her and now the 120 is solid. That will make a huge difference this Summer.

Humble Beginnings 

Well this post shows why I am planning a 2 year refit.  Finally spent my first full day just cleaning. Time is in short supply.

A recent quick trip to the Bahamas  (by plane) has reminded me why I want this girl in the water.

Ready to go

Cadillac and Zebe were ready with the Cono-lift and the day was almost done.




 Just a three our drive and we are done.  And pizza, kinda missed lunch but had a great pizza on the way out of town.

From Adversity..

We slipped down tbe creek with little effort.

And then…silence. We quickly determined that the ignition system had lost its spark. Coil or condenser, didn’t really matter.  I was planning on putting electronic ignition on the A4 any way, but with a stump rig all we could do was anchor and wait for Boat US towing. The tow captain was skilled and efficient.  We were about an hour and a half late for our haul out.  Craig and Shelley Massey at Punta Gorda Marina were not put out in the slightest. I love working with professionals.

Collecting the spar 

This is probably a good time to mention that SATORI (soon to be known as DAMSEL V) was dismasted. She lost the starboard upper chain plate. We have collected the mast from a sister ship.

We don’t know the hull number, but she was broken up a Charlotte Harbor Boat Storage in 2015, 2016.  Fortunately Dan, the owner of SATORI, learned of its exsistance before it was scrapped. We collected the rig this morning and are heading to get #136 on a trailer to take her home to Stuart Fl.

And It Begins…

We Have gone and done it, bought a project boat.  Preparations are underway to bring her home.  We have to collect the rig and haul her to a hydraulic trailer.  Many friends are digging in to help.