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Project Management

Project management raises the quality level of new construction, upgrades, and repairs while streamlining the effort and time required of the yacht owner throughout the process.  Productivity can be increased by having a manager that is looking at the whole project.  Contractors and subs are coordinated so they donít duplicate each otherís efforts or just plain get in one anotherís way. Planning often takes a back seat as different interests compete for the forefront.  A project manager has the bigger picture in mind and can make sure that new systems are integrated into old, and that the owners intentions donít get lost in implementation of hundreds of details.

At DAMSEL Marine we have thousands of hours of hands on experience in all types of onboard systems, construction and finishes.  Understanding what the upholster needs from the electrician and how that will affect the audio video system becomes important when putting together a new interior or an entire yacht.

We work with some of the finest subcontractors in the US and we see and live with the results of their efforts.  Our continuous involvement and day to day knowledge of the vendors saves time and prevents wasting resources.

The best possible outcome for the yacht owner is our goal.  We keep a constant eye on the functionality and the seaworthiness of upgrades and modifications.  Damsel marine believes upgrades and modifications should be "as built", meaning that additions to the yacht should as closely as possible conform to and integrate with the original construction quality, methods, and design.  Having spent years at sea, we know the importance of details.


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